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Dangerous Territory (From the Twisted Universe)


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Dangerous Territory (From the Twisted Universe)

Dangerous Territory Cover.jpg
Dangerous Territory Cover.jpg

Dangerous Territory (From the Twisted Universe)



This book deals with domestic violence in great detail. If you're triggered by abuse of any sort, please don't read this book.


Ex LAPD officer, Cole Dunham is hiding in Miami after trying to expose a sex ring being operated in his precinct. With his grandfather's help, he ducks the heat from his former department only to jump right into the fire in Florida.

He feels the flames when a random hook up leads him down a rabbit hole he wishes he never entered and he's faced to deal with painful reminders from his past.

Cole works tirelessly to adjust to his new life only to find the sex ring he thought he left back in LA extends to Miami and he's once again on the hunt.

Anais Danvers is a battered wife looking for an escape from her constant and brutal reality through affairs with random men. She thinks she's found a knight in shining armor but it turns out her knight could get her killed if she's not careful. She tries to let the affair go but she can't, even though she knows if her husband finds out she may not live to see another day.

Dangerous Territory is a suspenseful, wild ride with memorable characters that will stick with you and an ending that will leave you totally satisfied.

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