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Death of a Rose (FBTG Book 4)


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Death of a Rose (FBTG Book 4)

FBTG death of a Rose ecover.jpg
FBTG death of a Rose ecover.jpg

Death of a Rose (FBTG Book 4)


This is where Rose dies.

Jasmine is tired of hiding her dark side. She’s determined to let it shine and nobody can stop her, or so she thinks.

Someone is stalking Jasmine and no one knows who it is. Maybe it’s the mysterious client that refuses to meet her face to face. Maybe it’s the person promising to expose her to the entire world. One guarantee is that whoever is stalking Jasmine Porter will pay with their life.

Flowers is threatened once again and Jasmine steps up to the plate, ready to defend her organization from an unlikely foe that she can’t kill.

While Nicholas is away from home during football season, he kills every game and celebrates hard. Too hard. His reckless ways have him scrambling to sweep the dirt he’s done under the rug.

Nobody is safe from life-changing decisions. Some will fall under the weight of their choices and others will emerge new.

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