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Power Trip (FBTG Book Three)


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Power Trip (FBTG Book Three)


Power Trip (FBTG Book Three)


Jasmine Garcia is the madam of the largest prostitution ring in history, and she's faced with the ultimate dilemma: be a dutiful finance to star quarterback, Nick Porter and settle into her happily ever after or take on just one last client. She tries in vain to ignore what's before her but it's hard to ignore a potential client when they happen to be Vice President of the United States.

Vice President Elliot Lopez will stop at nothing to have the one flower he was told is off-limits. He wants to hold Jasmine like a trophy. Only he never expected she'd play along and he definitely didn't expect to fall head over heels for her. What was he going to tell his wife?

Nicholas Porter is in a state of flux since unleashing the lustful beast he kept under wraps with celibacy for five long years before Jasmine came along. Now that the beast was unleashed he wanted to feed it. When he realized his fiancé was taking a risky business deal involving the Vice President, he decides to lash out and hurt her however he can. His only problem is he refuses to play by Jasmine's rules and the consequences are deadly.

The third book in the Flowers Behind the Gates series has twists and turns that will leave you dying for more.

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