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Sleeping Monsters (FBTG Book Two)


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Sleeping Monsters (FBTG Book Two)

FBTG Sleeping Monsters ecover.jpg
FBTG Sleeping Monsters ecover.jpg

Sleeping Monsters (FBTG Book Two)


Everyone has sleeping monsters inside them but what happens when they wake up?

In the second Flowers Behind the Gates book, Jasmine Garcia is on top of the world running the world's largest covert prostitution ring. What monsters awake when the love of her life finds out though?

Nicholas and Jasmine are forced to face their monsters together and either come out on top or crumble in the process.

Nicholas Porter has to face the monsters of lust from five years of celibacy.

Jasmine has to face the monsters of darkness driving her new thirst.

Carter has to face the monsters of addiction, abuse, and heartache.

Vivian has to face the green-eyed monster of jealousy.

Whose monsters will consume them?

Whose monsters will help them bloom?

Sleeping Monsters offers an amazing, edge-of-your-seat plot twist that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

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