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Twisted Revenge (Twisted Book Two)


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Twisted Revenge (Twisted Book Two)

TWISTED Revenge flat cover.jpg
TWISTED Revenge flat cover.jpg

Twisted Revenge (Twisted Book Two)


Secrets get exposed.

Bonds are formed.

Lines are drawn in the sand.

Snake your way through this suspenseful, erotic novel and go even deeper into the Twisted Universe.

In Twisted Revenge, Trevor is hell-bent on bringing down the impenetrable Emmanuel Scott for sleeping with his only daughter behind his back. He pulls out all the stops and plans to spare no one in his quest, not even Camilla. If Trevor has his way, he will oblitherate the New Grace empire, exposing Emmanuel along the way.

But nothing seems to go as he intended.

As his plans crumble and turn to dust, new twisted revenge plots take form. Everyone from Dana to Christina has something to prove. Destruction and deceit are left in the wake of it all, leaving one person victorious in the end.

Who will it be?

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